Winning Alopecia

Hi, Alopecia Winners!

Welcome to Winning Alopecia. This is a space for you who are facing the challenges of Alopecia and are searching for hope and ways to #win against it. Our ultimate goal is to overcome Alopecia and get all our hair back, but we all know that the roads to get there may be bumpy, so we’ll talk about navigating all the ups-and-downs too.

7+ years firsthand experience solving Alopecia for the littlest one.

I’ve been knee-deep in solving this Alopecia puzzle since my daughter’s diagnosis at a mere 19 months of age. Whatever you’re going through with Alopecia, I most probably totally get you. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or a healthcare professional. In fact, I’m here doing this because no doctor (conventional or otherwise) could help me. I’m not anti-meds, but I’ve learned long ago that there are just things that meds can’t solve.

Lastly, this page will stay anonymous because keeping my family’s privacy is the way I choose to do this.

Welcome to Winning Alopecia

FREE Mini Course: "Botanical Oils for Hair Growth"

Which botanicals have powerful properties to enhance hair and scalp health? How to use these botanicals in your hair care routine? What to watch out for when choosing ingredients for your hair care?

A Different Kind of Alopecia Children Book

Alopecia Children Book by Winning Alopecia

A book that paints Alopecia beautifully and in fun, positive light.

Join Angelica, an inspiring and uplifting character, as she shows how she takes control of her Alopecia through healthy habits and a positive attitude. With charming illustrations and fun metaphor, this educational book also teaches children about kindness, empathy, and resilience. Young readers will develop a great understanding of Alopecia. Children who have Alopecia will feel seen, understood, and empowered to take control of their own health and happiness. No ‘bald’ talk, ever.

Free Resources

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