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Winning Alopecia™, dedicated to children and adults with #Alopecia. I share all things related to autoimmune Alopecia, motivated by the primary goal of achieving optimal, long term health through various aspects of immune system health.

Born as a baby with a FULL head of hair, my daughter was diagnosed with autoimmune Alopecia Areata when she was 19 months old. No doctor could help us. Due to her age, any available treatment options are NOT safe or effective.

Through years of supporting her through this journey, I’ve focused primarily on restoring the health and balance of her immune system. We have not used any pharmaceuticals, whether oral or topical. We have not used hair growth products such as Minoxidil.

Instead, I focus on optimising her overall immune system health through a primarily whole food plant based diet with additional attention to common inflammatory triggers, as well as many other aspects of lifestyle such as sleep, exercise, stress management, and environmental toxin exposure.

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Kind words, progress and success stories

Winning Alopecia Success Stories 01
Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 01
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1A
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1B
Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 03

Rooting for this client from Stockholm, Sweden to achieve full healing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 04

This mom in the USA followed my page and free advice and I’m so happy that she is already seeing improvements in her child’s overall health. That’s the most important thing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 05

Kind words from a client in Mexico. I’m happy to be able to offer help to this family.

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