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Natural holistic solution for alopecia on Winning Alopecia

I created Winning Alopecia as a resource to help you understand what’s involved in autoimmune Alopecia, so that you can take charge and be in the driver seat to regain your own optimal health in order to improve and reverse the hair loss condition.

I’ve accumulated 7 years worth of studying and learning all I can in order to support my daughter’s own autoimmune Alopecia (hair loss) while focusing on achieving optimal, long term health through various aspects of immune system health.

My approach covers a wide range of nutrition and lifestyle factors in order to: (1) tame chronic and excessive inflammation, (2) nourish our body with what it needs, and (3) optimise to heal.

I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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Kind words, progress and success stories

Winning Alopecia Success Stories 01
Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 01
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1A
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1B
Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 03

Rooting for this client from Stockholm, Sweden to achieve full healing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 04

This mom in the USA followed my page and free advice and I’m so happy that she is already seeing improvements in her child’s overall health. That’s the most important thing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 05

Kind words from a client in Mexico. I’m happy to be able to offer help to this family.

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