Winning Alopecia

Overcome Alopecia naturally.

Winning Alopecia A Kid-Centric Approach

Winning Alopecia: A kid-first approach.

I understand kids with Alopecia from firsthand experience, i.e. as an Alopecia parent. I developed my approach from years of overcoming and solving Alopecia since my little was only 19 months old. I have tried enough things. I have had enough setbacks that force me to continuously evolve and pivot both my approach and my mindset.

This is the ONLY Alopecia program that is developed with a kid-first approach. It is not from another adult who had Alopecia after years of exposure to bad lifestyle and work/life stress.

Winning Alopecia is a kid-first approach.

With young children, it is an entirely different picture. They have not been exposed to a lifetime of stressors and triggers. They don’t have work and life stress.

As an Alopecia mom, I get it!

I get the challenges to make the diet plan work for kids. I get how it is at birthday parties and family gatherings. I know how to work with the school community to make this work, and I have done that successfully for years.

How to overcome Alopecia for children

I get the challenges with traveling. I know how to make it work on field trips, at school celebrations, at events, you name it. Those mama/papa-bear constant worries about your kids’ self esteem? I GET IT BIG TIME.

I get being the parent who’s there every single day, taking care of them physically and also teaching them how to deal with it mentally and emotionally.

Packing school lunches, making breakfast at morning rush, dealing with pizza days at school, talking to your kids how to stick to their beautiful healthy foods with other kids around them munching on the standard junk-food snacks. Being an Alopecia ‘coach’ to kid-clients is no where near the same.

With kids, many things are different: the amount of blood tests they can handle, the types of blood tests that are applicable, the supplements and treatment that they can safely take, their mental ability to comprehend and stay discipline… the approach for kids just needs to be different.

Winning Alopecia is a kid-first and kid-centric approach. It is entirely created out of a child’s journey with Alopecia. It’s safe for kids, which makes it safe for adults. The same cannot be said the other way around.

A Different Kind of Alopecia Children Book

Alopecia Children Book by Winning Alopecia

A book that paints Alopecia beautifully and in fun, positive light.

Join Angelica, an inspiring and uplifting character, as she shows how she takes control of her Alopecia through healthy habits and a positive attitude. With charming illustrations and fun metaphor, this educational book also teaches children about kindness, empathy, and resilience. Young readers will develop a great understanding of Alopecia. Children who have Alopecia will feel seen, understood, and empowered to take control of their own health and happiness. No ‘bald’ talk, ever.