Alopecia: It’s not ‘just’ hair

Alopecia: It’s not ‘just’ hair

I get it. It’s so darn difficult to navigate this. Doctors and medicine can’t help. None of the random advice, fad diets and “superfoods” seems to work.

I’m not talking about hair loss that goes away when you switch from a junk-food-heavy diet (aka standard western diet) to a healthier one… that’s easy! I’m talking about a deeper issue that doesn’t improve dramatically despite a ‘healthy’ diet and lifestyle.

So, it’s easier to brush it off and convince ourselves that “IT’S JUST HAIR”. NO. Abnormal hair loss is NOT a cosmetic issue. A case of bad haircut or a bad hairstyle is just hair. Alopecia is NOT just hair.

Alopecia is not just hair on Winning Alopecia

A chronic state of excessive inflammation, as your immune system launches an immune response by mistake, is NOT a “JUST HAIR” situation. With Alopecia, it happens to attack your hair. For others, it attacks their central nervous system (multiple sclerosis), it interferes with the pancreas production of insulin (type 1 diabetes which can lead to the need for kidney transplant), loss of body’s normal control mechanism and cells unable to induce apoptosis (cancer).

Eczema and psoriasis are also a symptom of the same root cause. You won’t say it’s JUST SKIN. When people lose mobility, unable to walk and have to be bound to a wheelchair due to autoimmunity, would you say it’s JUST MOBILITY?

If I had been so caught up in fixing just the hair, I would have used steroids, minoxidil, random vitamins, random shampoos or hair products, questionable herbal remedies or natural medicine, all at the cost of her true health.

I’m glad I stuck to building her health instead. There wasn’t a single drop of medicine or steroid involved, and it was amazing to see our body’s ability to heal. The more I dig in, the more nonsense I see in the thousands and thousands of treatments out there. The more I understand, I start to connect the dots on why we as a population are more unwell than ever, more vulnerable to getting diseases at a rate we’ve never seen before.

Building her health and teaching her what I’ve learned are the best thing I can do for her. Hair loss is just a symptom. Focus on restoring health so that the symptom resolves, instead of putting bandaids on the symptom at the cost of your health.


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