Are you eating to nurture your gut health?

Are you eating to nurture your gut health?

Every time we eat is an opportunity to get closer to an optimal point of health.

As 70% of our immune cells live inside the gut, with the gut lining having a total surface that’s even more than the surface of our skin, it is our largest barrier between us and the outside world.

We cannot heal unless our gut is strong. For some people, they can get there sooner. For others, it may take years of working on strengthening the gut before all their symptoms disappear.

And no, prebiotic and probiotic supplements are not the answer.

Try to eat something that’s locally grown. Get something from your local farm, or a farmer’s market. Eat different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Every time you eat, you have the opportunity to rebuild your microbiome. Our goal is to nurture a good population of beneficial microbes in our body, not just trying to spray and destroy and wipe out all microbes.

Eat something to nurture your gut every single day. When it comes to vegetables, the more the merrier. When your gut health is improving, you will know it.

A June 21, 2019 article from the American Society for Microbiology and a February 18, 2020 article from the Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance both reported that:

“Antibiotic resistance leading to “superbugs” poses a severe threat to health. Research shows that some common probiotic bacteria used commercially could be resistant to several antibiotics. Bacteria can transfer genetic material to other bacteria. There is a chance these probiotic bacteria can transfer antibiotic resistance to hostile bacteria in the gut, causing a serious safety concern.”


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