Bone broth is not a superfood

Bone broth is not a superfood

Bone broth. NOT the miracle cure it’s made out to be.

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It’s mind blowing that everywhere I look, I hear bone broth touted to be the miracle cure for anything and everything. Worst part is, bone broth in powdered supplement form. I don’t even wanna imagine how they are made!

I grew up with soup (now called ‘bone broth, the alleged ‘cure-all superfood’) as a warming, tasty and nice complement to a healthy, balanced meal. Bones or meat are simmered for an hour or longer with a ton of vegetables or herbs. It makes a comforting company to a hot meal. We then eat the loads of veggies in the ‘soup’, along with rice or noodles, more veggies, and a small amount of meat dish. That’s been the practice in traditional Chinese meals for centuries.

Bone broth is not a superfood on Winning Alopecia
Bone broth is not a superfood. If you want to, you can enjoy bone broth made from scratch very sparingly, but definitely NOT bone broth in supplement form.

Bone broth is not a new discovery. It’s not the superfood it’s now touted to be. You certainly don’t consume it from powdered ‘animal bones’ concentrate that comes in huge supplement bottles (yuck 🤢).

If something sounds like a fad, it most likely is. As always, I advocate for NOT getting dietary supplements that are made from animal sources.

You can enjoy a hot bowl of soup (or bone broth) by making it from scratch. Remember, the veggies and herbs in the soup are part of the deal. It’s makes a tasty, warming, and comforting part of your meal. It won’t cure you of everything.

The misconception about bone broth as healing food on Winning Alopecia
As with all animal products, bone broth can cause inflammation. Limit intake during healing stage, and definitely pair with more plant foods when you enjoy homemade broth made from scratch (not supplement).

Because bone broth is made from animal products, it can still cause inflammation and as with all animal products, is high in saturated fat. When you’re in healing mode, you really want to limit or even avoid animal products, and for that reason, you may not even want to include bone broth into your diet just yet.

After you are healed, bone broth made from scratch from carefully chosen ingredients can be enjoyed SPARINGLY as long as you pair it with lots of plant foods. Please don’t go crazy loading up on bone broth as it is not a healing or superfood it’s touted to be.


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