Not all “Natural Health Products” are up to standards

Not all “Natural Health Products” are up to standards

At first glance, it looks like these different products have the same packaging. But they don’t.

That’s because each product contains different ingredients, therefore, the packaging materials for each product are tailored to ensure that they work to keep the nutrients of their ingredients at the most optimal levels. None of these products use preservatives or synthetic agents, so ingredient stability is achieved through proper handling of the ingredients (through freeze drying and spray drying), and of course, through their packaging.

Each packaging material is tested to ensure the ingredients are preserved to the best possible standards. I don’t know any other supplement company that does this. Not even close.

The reason why I stick to nutritional support products from this company is due to their expertise, integrity, and commitment to research, quality and safety.

The products from other companies are often a major let down. For example, I recently returned a ‘vegan’ omega 3 supplement product which is algae oil based, because they use sunflower oil as the carrier. The high omega 6 in sunflower oil (40:1) not only cancels out the omega 3 content but also add to the harms of too much of an omega 6 intake. At the end of the day, consuming this omega 3 product actually makes you worse off than not consuming it at all! When I asked them why they used sunflower oil on an omega 3 product, they did not respond.

I also refused to buy a nutritional yeast product from a very popular brand at a “health food” store recently, after seeing synthetic B vitamins in the ingredients list, including folic acid, the synthetic version of folate, which feeds pre-cancerous cells.

A ‘vegan’ vitamin D gummy product at the “health food” store lists sunflower oil and sugar, additives, flavours, and binding agents in their label. Again, endless examples of products with subpar quality sold at so-called “health food” stores.

I have to say, most supplements in the market are of sub-standard quality. In many cases, you would be much better off NOT taking these products. The fact that they use sunflower oil for an omega 3 product just goes to show an absolute ignorance and lack of expertise.

I know that the products I use are on the higher price range. But the subpar supplements in the market aren’t cheap either. In fact, they are extremely expensive considering all the cheap junk that they are made of, and the long term health risks you pay for. Look for values beyond price.


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