Don’t just take any mushroom products: What you need to know

Don’t just take any mushroom products: What you need to know

Polysaccharides derived from various mushrooms have been demonstrated scientifically and experimentally to possess immune regulatory activity.

But we want to consume the polysaccharides in order to have a targeted impact on the immune system, not just any dried mushroom powder.

Don't just take any mushroom products - What you need to know on Winning Alopecia

There is no shortage of mushroom products on the market. But how do you know which species are used, how much polysaccharides content is there, and whether the mushrooms are tested for heavy metal contamination.

Polysaccharides must be in the right dosage and synergistic combination in order to deliver immune modulatory benefits for our immune system. This is not something that any random mushroom product can achieve.

When you consume mushroom powder products, you don’t know how much polysaccharides are in them. There are many types of polysaccharides, and some are not digestible by the human body.

Each batch of mushroom harvest also contains different amounts of polysaccharides. In order to have an effect on the immune system, mushroom powders don’t deliver the same benefit as characterised polysaccharide products. Polysaccharide products are extremely rare on the market. I use POLY5 Complex and EMUNITY.

Most medicinal mushroom products have also tested to contain high levels of toxic heavy metals. Make sure you choose something that is safe for you and your family.

Daughter will be alternating between POLY5 and EMUNITY to support the immune modulation aspect of her recovery.

Made by the same company, both POLY5 and EMUNITY contain well characterised polysaccharides from several types of mushrooms that have been cultivated under controlled environment to ensure they effectively target the immune system. They are not mushroom powder products, but contain precise dosage of specific types of polysaccharides that work together in synergy to help steer your immune function back into balance over time.

I will also be relying heavily on these if and when daughter goes back to school in fall.

The main difference between POLY5 and EMUNITY is that POLY5 comes in capsule form, and contains Reishi instead of the Cordyceps that is in EMUNITY. EMUNITY comes in powder form. For maximum results, we will be alternating between the two. EMUNITY ships to multiple countries. I can only hook you up for POLY5 purchases within US and Canada.


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