Don’t mistake this as sign of hair growth in Alopecia

Common mistake in identifying signs of hair growth in Alopecia

A lot of people mistake broken hair for regrowth. Knowing to tell the difference is key 🔑.

Did your docs take a 2-second look and proceed with their diagnosis ➡️ prescribing minoxidil or steroids or immunosuppressants ➡️ making random prognosis (it’ll grow back, it won’t grow back, we’ll try and see)? 🤨

Naturopathic & functional docs, unless they are experienced and specialised in alopecia, won’t even know how to tell whether you are in active loss or regrowth phase. All they see is “hair loss”.

❗️ Exclamation hair or broken hair looks like short stubs or hair. This is NOT hair regrowth. Regrowth doesn’t come in stubs. These are hair that have been broken near the scalp. Sometimes they appear as black dots. This indicates that there is an active flare up. Something is triggering immune activity that is causing active hair loss. Act now to slow down or stop the loss!

Don't mistake this for hair growth in Alopecia

✅ Regrowth comes in fuzz. Mostly, they appear as white baby hair first, which is hard to see. They grow longer and get pigmented, how fast this happens depends on your nutritional status (not only what you eat but also what you digest + absorb + utilise). If it’s taking a long time to grow longer and get pigmented, something is not optimised. Also time to act. Don’t be complacent when you get regrowth. You are doing something right so keep going. You are not out of the woods yet.


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