E-MUNITY: Polysaccharides dietary supplement for immune system support

E-MUNITY: Polysaccharides dietary supplement for immune system support

E-MUNITY is not a mushroom product. It’s a polysaccharides product.

EMUNITY polysaccharides immune system support dietary supplement on Winning Alopecia

Disclosure: E-MUNITY is sold through referral marketing, and cannot be purchased from stores. If you end up purchasing through my link, I may earn a compensation. All opinions and product choice decisions are my own. E-MUNITY is a product that I have personally chosen and used for my daughter’s alopecia journey.

What are polysaccharides and what do they do for the immune system?

Polysaccharides are distinguished for their ability to impact the immune system directly.

Polysaccharides can increase the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells which destroy tumour and cancer cells.

Polysaccharides enable our body to produce interferons in order to effectively fight off infectious agents, viruses and bacteria.

Polysaccharides can enhance the entire immune function and balance the immune response by activating it when it’s sluggish and calming it when it’s overactive.

People who consume polysaccharides have been shown to have 49 TIMES MORE Natural Killer cells in their body — these are immune cells that fight off infection and destroy cancer cells.

Each kind of mushroom contains different types of polysaccharides. And different polysaccharides have different functions on different areas of our immune system.

Mushroom powder products are not the same as polysaccharides products

Eating a variety of dietary mushrooms makes a good part of a healthy diet. But specific types of polysaccharides in specific synergy and dose are what target the immune system DIRECTLY.

Each variety and harvest batch of mushrooms contains different amounts of polysaccharides, depending on the fungi DNA, soil, water, sunlight, and other growing conditions.

There are many types of polysaccharides in mushrooms, and some are not digestible by our body. Therefore, if you want to consume polysaccharides to benefit your immune system, you need to choose ones that have been specifically measured out.

When you consume just powdered or extracts of medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps for example, there is no way of knowing how much polysaccharides content there is, and what types are there, and therefore, no way of knowing if it’s delivering benefits for your immune system.

What makes E-MUNITY valuable beyond its price tag

There are many mushroom powder products in the market, E-MUNITY is unlike any other because of its unique values not found in other medicinal mushroom products on store shelves.

🍄E-MUNITY contains very specific combination of polysaccharides. Each type of polysaccharides in E-MUNITY has been well studied before being included in the product. They studied the effects on the immune system, the amount needed in order to achieve those effects, and the time it would take for the compounds to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

🍄Polysaccharides are very, very difficult to extract. Any other mushroom products in the market do not extract polysaccharides; they are simply mushrooms ground into powder.

🍄Do you know that medicinal mushrooms are highly contaminated with heavy metals? When tested, these mushrooms always exceed tolerable limits of heavy metals. ⚠️So be careful with mushroom powder products in the market. They ALWAYS contain way too many heavy metals and not enough beneficial polysaccharides.

🍄E-MUNITY uses mushrooms that are grown in well controlled environment with regular testing at all stages to ensure they are not contaminated and contain the right amount and types of polysaccharides we need. This is a very strenuous and expensive process.

🍄The packaging used for E-MUNITY has been tested to ensure the materials of the packaging work optimally to preserve the nutrients in the product.

EMUNITY polysaccharides dietary supplement for immune system support on Winning Alopecia

Cordyceps may not benefit the immune system unless…

One of the prized ingredients in EMUNITY is cordyceps.

There are over 400 species of cordyceps. But only about 10 species have nutritional and health benefits to the human body. And even then, most medicinal mushrooms contain high levels of heavy metal contamination.

Due to its high price (it literally costs as much as gold, weight by weight), the market is flooded with fake cordyceps.

The beneficial polysaccharides in cordyceps must be carefully cultivated and extracted for human consumption.

Not all products containing these beneficial mushrooms are necessarily good for us, unless we know what research, quality and safety measures have gone into these products.


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