Eating oranges are not the same as taking vitamin C pills

Eating oranges are not the same as taking vitamin C pills

An orange does NOT only contain vitamin C. An orange contains hundreds of other antioxidants (vitamin C is just ONE type of antioxidant) and phytonutrients.

Eating oranges is not the same as taking vitamin C pills on Winning Alopecia

In fact, there is no food that only contains one single nutrient.

When you eat an orange, you get hundreds of nutrients, vitamin C being just ONE of them. People associate oranges with vitamin C, but we don’t even know if other nutrients in an orange are even more beneficial than vitamin C itself.

But when you take a vitamin C pill, you only get ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a cheap man-made replica of vitamin C, packed into a pill.

You virtually can’t overdose on vitamin C by eating whole oranges. You would have to eat many oranges, more than your stomach can fit, to even have a risk of overdosing.

But it’s very easy to overdose on vitamin C by taking a pill, because the synthetic compound is artificially packed in high doses into a single pill. This is NOT how nature delivers vitamin C to us, and our body doesn’t understand how to use it this way.

Megadose vitamin C administered via intravenous infusion (IV) is NOT at all harmless. Please be very, very careful.

Just some possible effects of vitamin C overdose are:

  • People have been shown to develop kidney stones when treated with high dose vitamin C. Patients with kidney disorders have developed kidney failure after vitamin C treatment.
  • Artificially high doses of vitamin C causes the body to store too much iron and can lead to hemochromatosis which can lead to tissue damage.
  • Vitamin C pills interact with some medications.

Eat the food. Use dietary supplements that are made from foods if you need to, not synthetic compounds.


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