Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 13

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 13

June 8, 2018

We woke up to a misty, cloudy and gloomy Vancouver. It is PD day Friday, so we have no school today but will be headed for Parent-Teacher Conference mid morning. I suggested a family donut outing in the morning. It would be good to get us out of the house together on a more relaxed rhythm, different from the usual hustle and bustle of school day routine. But donuts are a treat, not breakfast. So I needed to make sure Little Claire get her morning nutrition first. Here’s how the day goes.


First, I made us some soygreen to start the day. This is why I love soygreen so much. When the little one wakes up with an empty tummy, soygreen is ready in a minute (or less). Simply drink it up and bam! 8 grams of protein from soybeans, 5 grams of fibre and a ton of plant nutrients from psyllium husk, banana, and 10 other green veggies. Little Claire only takes half a packet at a time, as one would be a bit too much liquid intake all at once. Find out more about soygreen and how to buy it from my earlier post.

She also had half an avocado before we headed out for donuts.

It was nice, relaxing, and good to get out of the house without all the rushy rushy. We went to Cartems Donuterie, a local shop with a neat atmosphere that offers a good range of ‘gluten-friendly’ selection, and great coffee. We ordered smoked maple walnut for my guy, salted caramel for me, and berry bork blast for Little Claire (the pink one in the pic below – gluten-free donut with blueberry and berry glaze).


They also had a bunch of table games which was a big plus. Little Claire kept busy and stayed entertained with the Toppling Tower wooden blocks. The donuts were awesome, totally can’t tell that they are gluten-free.

For mid-morning snack, she had a kiwi. It makes me feel much better that she already had half a pack of soygreen and half an avocado to start the day before the donut.

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 13

Today she asked to have her hair tied up like this (she was playing a character that is in one of her books). We like to have her hair down most of the time, as the pulling from tying up hair adds pressure to the roots and hair shaft, and we’d like to avoid that as much as possible. However, there are times when she would like her hair up, and we also like to balance things up by making exceptions occasionally.

She was very particular about the hairstyle she wanted, so I tried to do it ever so gently and carefully. We are happy that at least she has enough hair for the style she wanted. I managed to gather up enough hair on the right parietal ridge area (the part with the big bald spot now). Although it look s a little patchy overall, it is doable. Trust me, we have been much worse, and the signs of regrowth is what keeps us going now.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but very restful. We had yesterday’s leftover for lunch, and for dinner we had rice with steamed free-range chicken and cut-up cucumbers and tomatoes.

I wanted to keep things simple today, because my guy was out to run errands in the afternoon, so that I can spend quiet, quality time with Little Claire and give her my undivided attention. Which I did.

The steamed chicken is a recipe that my sister had shared with me. OK, not so much recipe, as all you do is season the chicken with salt, pepper, a little soy seasoning, and place in a bowl to steam.

I didn’t take photos of her hair for updates today (we’re keeping things slow and quiet today, remember?), but we are moving slowly and steadily in the same direction as previous days. Ginger juice + essential oils treatment before bed as usual.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check back for our further updates!


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