Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 2

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 2

May 28, 2018

We’re on Day 2 and although 2 out of 3 meals yesterday were seemingly gluten-free. I say seemingly because we’re totally new at this GF business and the meals may or may not have been completely gluten-free in terms of cross contamination, but we decided we’re trying to cut way down and should see an indication of response if there is any association at all.

Miss #1: I did not get oats labelled GF during our Whole Foods run yesterday.

The oats I have at home are organic rolled oats from the bulk section of Whole Foods that I got few months back (before I stopped getting my pantry supplied from the bulk section). There is a likelihood of cross contamination with bulk supplies. And of course, Little Claire insisted on having oats for breakfast. See what I mean by “stocking up on a variety of all the basics” in yesterday’s post?

So today we got a few more GF items for the pantry:

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Rolled Oats (look carefully for the GF label as if they aren’t labeled GF, there is possible contamination).
  2. GF penne pasta from GOGO Quinoa (this one is also labeled corn-free, I noticed that some GF pasta is cheaper but is made primarily of corn flour).
  3. I also exchanged some organic canned beans to GF variety. We got San Remo but there are also a few other brands that are labeled GF. If they are not explicitly labeled GF, I’d stay away for now.

So today’s food diary goes like this.

Meal #1: Breakfast

  • Cooked rolled oats (with water) with a handful of blueberries (that I froze last summer)
  • 1 teaspoon of local raw honey (honey is naturally GF but I’m not sure about possible gluten contamination)
  • Almonds + walnuts + pumpkin seeds (all GF)
  • 1/2 cup of organic cow milk

So this meal hovers around possibly GF and possibly gluten-contaminated. Progress regardless.

Meal #2: Lunch

My guy and I picked her up from school and gave her some of her lunch before heading out to do our weekly groceries. She had a free range boiled egg, one gold kiwi, a handful of mixed nuts (GF), and snacked on a handful of GF cereal while we were at the store.

Safe to say this meal is GF.

Meal #3: Dinner

Dinner was leftover stir fry beef from the day before with added tomato and cannelini beans (canned and labeled gluten-free), spinach cooked with garlic and olive oil, served with GF Peacock rice spaghetti.

Probably also a GF meal. Good way to end Day 2.

Topical treatment

As usual, weekday topical treatment is organic ginger juice with a few drops of cedarwood essential oils + cypress or lemon essential oils.

Today’s status

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 2

Not much change obviously since it’s just been overnight.

The patch on the right parietal ridge is showing ever so tiny strands sprouting out, too tiny to be very visible in pictures still though. Overall the hair loss looks really visible and disheartening.

Check back my updates on this blog as I document our journey in figuring this thing out.


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