Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 22

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 22

June 18, 2018

Everything is heading in the right direction in terms of hair regrowth. Even though we had a few occasions when we deviated from the gluten-free diet plan. Can’t help it with the end of school year, summer festive and celebratory mood. The deviation was very minimal though, and didn’t last more than one meal at a time.

Our occasional deviation from gluten-free diet

Little Claire has always been a big fan of bread, and ever since we started out on this gluten-free diet journey, she hasn’t had any. Yes, it’s been more 22 days and some. So naturally she kept asking for bread, but it was tricky as we couldn’t find gluten-free bread around.

So I even tried making my own after searching around for a recipe that looked the most ‘doable’ with great reviews. It flopped.

It didn’t taste like bread at all, to say the least. Didn’t even look like one. Little Claire still graciously took a couple of slices though. It was totally edible, it just¬†wasn’t bread.

Gluten free bread on Natural Alopecia Wellness

Gluten free bread baking on Natural Alopecia Wellness

On June 15th our school held an end of year potluck picnic. It was a feast! Although we went with the best intention and preparation, we decided to let the day slide. I had packed quinoa and bean salad for Little Claire’s lunch. But with at least 5 tables full of all kinds of food, ranging from mains to snacks and various forms of desserts, it soon became apparent that there was no way to get Little Claire buckled down on the pathetic box of quinoa and bean salad for lunch.

She had a boiled free range egg from home, plus a few orange tomatoes. Then she went on a feast, including satisfying her craving of bread by way of croissants. She had anything and everything she wanted that day, including a cupcake to top it all off.

She had also woken up that morning and “I feel like having a burger from Red Robin” was the first sentence she said.

After the picnic and a lot of active play at the park, we came home and called Red Robin to find out that they do provide gluten-free buns. I don’t think the meal would be completely GF but a GF bun is a good start. So she had that for dinner.

As today’s meals were a little on the ‘off side’, i.e. not enough vegetables, my pack of SOYGREEN came in handy. We started the day with half a pack of SOYGREEN in half a cup of water, and she had another half pack before bed.

Today’s status

Although hair growth progress is seen on all the areas of bald spots, the right parietal ridge from today’s photos is the most visible.

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 22

We’ll revert back to normal tomorrow, hopefully. But we figured that an off day once in a while is just part of life and won’t hurt us in any way.

Be sure to check back.


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