Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 34

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 34

June 30, 2018

I can’t believe we made it to 34 days. Wow!

We are one week into the summer break. No school and a weirdly rainy and gloomy summer in Vancouver so far means we are lazing around indoors more than we’d like. Little Claire’s appetite hasn’t been the best because we haven’t been keeping up with physical activities and the much anticipated time in the sun. Here’s hoping all that will change.

Today’s status

Overall, we don’t see strikingly increased volume of hair. However, if we look closer, tiny new hairs continue to sprout and grow. Perhaps (and logically) the overall volume will need to wait for the tiny new hairs to grow longer.

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 34A

The other day she asked to have her hair braided in three different sections. A couple of months ago, this would be a challenge. But I tried, and even though it looks patchy overall, I made my girl really happy by being able to gather up enough hair to do 3 braids. Not too shabby for a girl who’s had alopecia for almost 3 years!

This was on Day 28 of Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free):

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 28A

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 28B


Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 28D

Topical treatment

We continue to apply ginger juice + essential oils on the scalp, however instead of daily, there are days now that we skip this treatment due to various reasons (a moody, bored and tired preschooler for instance). Mostly we’d skip a day or two at most, but would return to the treatment after a maximum of 2 days skip.

Check out my earlier post about the best essential oils to treat alopecia, including essential oils that are safe for use on kids.


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