Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 56

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 56

July 23, 2018

Day 56 of our journey, and we have been slightly off the gluten-free diet plan track. Because… summer happened!

Little Claire’s grandparents (my parents) visited from halfway around the world on July 4th. So naturally we had a ton of fam time, fam outings, and some getaways. Even with the best intention to stay on our gluten-free track, I realised we had to balance things out and let some things go. I’d say we deviated from GF about 30% of the time throughout this time.

How to keep diet distraction to a minimum during the summer

I had realised that we wouldn’t have been able to stick to our GF diet restrictions fully, with summer coming up and families visiting. Here are some tips on how to keep diet distraction to a minimum and stay on gluten-low track when gluten-free isn’t possible.

  1. Plan outing schedules wisely so that you minimise eating out. For example, have brunch or early lunch before heading out, and plan to be back home for dinner. It’s easier to prep GF meals at home than it is to find restaurants that offer GF options. Bonus: it’s easier on the wallet when you cut down on eating out! Bonus #2: it’s cleaner and healthier.
  2. Prep a bunch of GF snacks on the go. When the littles get hungry when you’re out and about, you have these snacks ready to tie them over until the next meal, that way you don’t have to settle with getting whatever you can get outside. I like to pack tiny snacks like mixed raw nuts, gluten-free biscuits, bananas, or fruits like berries and cherries.
  3. Pack some nutrition support pouches on the go. Our favourites are Soygreen. One convenient pack boasts protein and phytochemicals from whole foods like soybeans, banana, and a bunch of other green vegetables, plus the fibre from psyllium husk. You just need to dissolve the powdered beverage into a cup of room temp water and you have a delicious, nutritious drink on the go.

Hair growth progress

Other than the GF distraction, we’ve also been slacking off a bit on our daily topical treatment. In other words, we haven’t been applying our ginger juice + essential oils treatment on a daily basis. With all the outings, getaways and summer excitement, it’s hard enough to pin a toddler down for bed at decent hours!

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 56

But safe to say that hair regrowth is still happening steadily, and no new bald patches seen so far.

Worth noting that even with the gluten-free distraction, I’m still being very vigilant over Little Claire’s daily nutrition. We still eat at home most of the time, with about 30% distraction from our gluten-free track (about 30% of the time she would eat something that is NOT gluten-free). And she still continues to take her nutrition support from¬†Soygreen, especially when we’re travelling.


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