Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 7

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 7

June 2, 2018

Can’t believe it’s been a week! Going gluten-free has gotten its handle on us, and as we learn more and more each day, it seems to be more doable and somewhat easier. Especially with all the awesome gluten-free recipes on Pinterest these days, restrictive diet probably has never been easier. There is at least a handful of gluten-free version of any food that came to mind. Sure it isn’t as convenient when we want to eat out, but that also motivates us to eat at home more.

Today’s meals are still just about the same as previous days. Little Claire asked for cereal for breakfast with a small piece of my homemade gluten-free cookie. Saturdays are special days!

I had to plan for lunch ahead of time, because we had Italian language class today which finishes at 12pm (lunch time). For snack during class, I packed her a handful of orange grape tomatoes and a piece of OKA cheese which she wanted. For lunch, I boiled some gluten-free pasta and warmed up leftover chicken and vegetable stir-fry and stored them in a Thermos thermal jar.

It was a sunny day in Vancouver so right after class we headed to the park next to the school to have lunch and some playground time, as well as soak in the sun (see my earlier post about how vitamin D is important to improve alopecia).

Topical treatment

Saturdays are usually the days when we apply our hair growth oils treatment. I can imagine how uncomfortable it must feel and Little Claire has been such a sport all this while by putting up with all that greasy feeling. So today we decided to give her a little break and I applied a much thinner mix of carrier and essential oils instead.

Today’s status

I can’t believe that both my guy and I are now excited to check on her hair growth every day! Why? Because we are seeing really good signs of regrowth and we feel encouraged.

Project End Alopecia (Gluten-Free): Day 7

Overall, the hair on her head still looks really patchy, especially from a distance, because the new growth isn’t yet quite visible. The top/crown area is looking better overall, and the right parietal ridge continues to show growth on the top left corner as well as the centre area, slowly moving toward closing up the bald patch.

The lower crown and nape area is growing steadily, as is the occipital bone area.

The ginger topical treatment in conjunction with¬†essential oils treatment are an important part of this journey in addition to the gluten-free diet and good, solid nutrition. We can literally see the changes and hair regrowth overnight, so for whatever reason it is working and you don’t want to do without one or the other.


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