Green vegetables: The more the better

Green vegetables: The more the better

Leafy green and cruciferous vegetables have a lot going for them. Their high amount of fibre, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and endless list of vitamins and minerals are just to name a few.

I made this video that talks about how to feed a rich microbiome population in your gut, so that you have an army of healthy gut microbiome that works to protect your health.

Researchers in Melbourne and the UK found that spinach leaves, for example, contain significant amounts of a newly discovered enzyme called sugar sulfoquinovose (SQ), which feeds good gut bacteria.

Researcher Dr. Goddard-Borger explained that this benefit comes from not only spinach but all leafy green vegetables.

The SQ sugars make their way to our colon and once there, fuel those good bacteria and enable them to create barriers to bad bacteria and pathogens.

Eat more green vegetables, the more the better. Be sure to eat them whole, raw whenever possible, or blend them up into smoothies, but don’t juice them, because by juicing you don’t get the full benefits.


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