How does my 6-year-old get all the nutrients she needs?

How does my 6-year-old get all the nutrients she needs?

How do I ensure my 6-year-old daughter gets the recommended 1,000mg calcium a day without dairy?

How do I ensure she gets the recommended 25 grams of fiber (or even more) a day?

How do I ensure she gets all the protein she needs for a healthy growth And all the phytonutrients and antioxidants to heal her autoimmunity and resist getting sick?

These are common questions I get.

Start with a wholesome plant based diet

First of all, our daily diet is mostly plant based. Specifically, we incorporate a lot of wholesome plant foods — vegetables, beans and legumes — as our main menu.

In addition to what we are able to get from our meals, I also incorporate green smoothies as well as a number of my trusted nutrition support products for convenience.

Let’s just face it. There’s just so much a young child can eat, so in order to ensure she exceeds the amount of nutrients she needs not only to grow healthily but also to heal from autoimmunity, my daughter also ‘drinks’ her nutrition!

How I ensure my 6 year old gets enough nutrients without dairy on Winning Alopecia

Exceed your daily nutrient requirements in order to heal

One cup of wholesome soy beans contains more than 500mg of calcium. The leafy greens in SOYGREEN are also great sources of calcium, fiber, and folate (the natural form of folic acid essential for expecting mothers).

Soy beans contain more protein than eggs, milk, and beef, but without the animal hormones, high fat, or cholesterol.

Soy beans contain a ton of disease-fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients. Soy isoflavones have been studied for their role in helping hair growth in Alopecia Areata.

Remember, exceeding your daily nutrient requirements in order to heal must be done through wholesome plant foods. Loading up on animal products can lead to serious health issues, due to the high saturated fats and animal hormones content in animal products, to name a few.

The dietary supplements I use for my daughter: My tools of convenience

SOYGREEN is packed with fiber from the whole soy beans, leafy greens, and psyllium husk.

SOYPRO contains more soybeans (higher protein) than SOYGREEN, plus the prized Ji-Lin ginseng to counter oxidative stress. It’s a perfect post-workout beverage and really helps heathy growth in children especially those who have trouble eating.

I also use other dietary supplements like VEGECOLOR and the plant foods soup base (all listed on my Trusted Products page) to help me meet her nutrient requirements.

These products go through 2,000+ tests from raw materials to finished product. I can’t take chances on quality and safety for what I give my daughter.


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