How does my 6-year-old get the protein and calcium she needs without meat and dairy?

How does my 6-year-old get the protein and calcium she needs without meat and dairy?

I often get asked, how do I ensure my daughter gets the recommended 1000mg of calcium a day without consuming dairy?

Somehow we’ve got it in our heads that we need to drink cow milk in order to get calcium for strong bones. While milk contains calcium, it is not the best or only source of calcium.

As with all animal products, the protein structure in milk is very dense and acidic for our body. This causes our body to actually leak calcium.

Dairy is highly inflammatory, as cows that are raised for milk are put through a highly stressful and constant cycle of pregnancies and birth, therefore the estrogens in the bodies stay extremely high all the time. These hormones are passed to our bodies when we consume their dairy products.

Wholesome soybeans contain high amounts of protein, calcium, and various other phytonutrients, yet no animal hormones (estrogens). Just one cup of soybeans contains over 500mg of non-animal calcium!

Make sure to choose good sources of wholesome soy.

Instead of protein powders, these are some of the whole plant food dietary products that feature beyond-organic whole soybeans as one of the main ingredients.

Made from non-GMO soy and wholesome fruits and vegetables, NUTRIFRESH is the fat-free, nourishing botanical powdered beverage of choice for all ages–in four delicious flavours your whole family (especially kids) will love! Available in: Original, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Low Sugar varieties.

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A weight-management friendly beverage that features beyond-organic wholesome soy and precious American ginseng, 1-SHAPE also contains fibre and is rich in nourishing phytonutrients and antioxidants from wholesome plant foods.

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SOYPRO is made up only 2 ingredients: beyond-organic wholesome soy and the highly prized Jilin ginseng which is powerful for countering oxidative stress that your body faces every day.

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Complete daily nutrition on the go, SOYGREEN is a delicious beverage that contains beyond-organic wholesome soy, and ten varieties of wholesome leafy greens plus psyllium husk for fibre! Everything you need in one convenient and tasty beverage.

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