How to easily add 25 types of raw plant foods to your diet everyday

How to easily add 25 types of raw plant foods to your diet everyday

Eating a variety of plant foods every single day is the key to turning around your gut health, which in turn has a huge influence on inflammation.

Raw vegetables are highly beneficial for our healing process, especially RAW cruciferous veggies. But it’s not easy to eat so many kinds of raw veggies in one day, every day.

This vegetable-based pasta sauce 🍝 has at least 30 kinds of plant foods in it and ALL colours of the rainbow!

How to Easily Add 25 Types of Raw Plant Foods to Your Diet Everyday

It’s one of my go-to sauces and it’s made with: sliced pumpkin from 1 kabocha/butternut squash, 1 large onion, a few garlic cloves, 2-3 carrots, leek (optional), and fresh herbs (basil, oregano & parsley – optional).

When the cooking is all done, add one or two sachets of #VEGECOLOR, which contains 25 types of freeze-dried, wholesome, and beyond-organic veggies/fruit of ALL colours of the rainbow. Add VEGECOLOR after you are done cooking to keep the veggies raw.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure our diet includes the variety and amount of wholesome, raw plant foods every single day, no matter how busy we are.

For US & Canada only. Here is the link to purchase VEGECOLOR.


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