Is it still possible to get regrowth in Alopecia Areata?

Is it still possible to get regrowth in Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is just a SYMPTOM telling us that our immune system is malfunctioning. We can choose to ignore it or we can choose to do something about it before it manifests into more serious symptoms.

It takes work and commitment: There is no magic pill

Autoimmune Alopecia Areata is not caused by one or even a few things. Autoimmunity is caused by a complex underlying malfunction of the immune response. Reversing it takes time and work covering all angles. We probably hope that there is a simple solution out there but the truth is not, it’s not about simply supplementing with X, Y or Z, or using product this or that.⁠

I find that the part requiring the most ‘work’ is in figuring out WHAT we need to do. Researching, questioning, challenging, verifying, putting together a LIST of things to do, are the hardest part of all. Once I have a plan that covers things from all angles, the rest is just committing to the plan and keep putting in the work.

What kind of diet are we on?

Some of you have asked me about my thoughts on what to do on the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) diet.⁠ I wanted to first be clear that I do not follow the AIP diet, nor do I think that it makes much biological sense or has enough science to back it up. For one, it advocates for the elimination of a huge variety of plant foods that should not be harmful to health unless something is really wrong in our system. Secondly, it advocates for too much animal products in one’s diet. Other points like eliminating processed foods and factory farmed animal products are legit and I hope it’s common sense enough for all of us to be doing this already anyway.⁠
So, NO AIP for us.⁠

Our immune system needs just the right fuel from wholesome plant foods in order to heal.

My daughter’s diet protocol during the healing stage is very simple:⁠
– Wholesome foods not processed⁠
– More plant foods than animal products⁠
– Wide variety not restriction⁠
– Gluten and dairy free – NOT gluten and dairy low (especially during active inflammation)⁠

Why gluten free?

Gluten proteins cannot be fully digested by human bodies, leading to leaky gut (intestinal permeability) which is a mechanism that is necessary to precede MOST autoimmune symptoms.⁠

This is why most people experience improvement when they avoid gluten-containing foods especially during active inflammation.

HOWEVER, part of the benefits of going gluten-free is that we are “forced” to cook and prepare our meals and snacks, to eat at home, and to eat wholesome foods. Gluten is mostly in processed foods – breads, baked goods, pasta, cereal, candies, pizza, and most packaged foods.⁠

Going gluten-free absolutely does NOT mean that you eat the GF version of processed foods — GF cereals or GF pasta or GF candy bars or GF chips. NO! It means that you eat as wholesome foods and choose GF options when it comes to flours and other more minimally processed foods.⁠

Gluten free diet for Alopecia on Winning Alopecia

Is it still possible to get regrowth?

Some people have asked me if it’s still possible for their hair to regrow after years of Alopecia and large bald spot(s). From our experience, I would say YES if you do the right things. This picture is just one example from our years of Alopecia Areata, where mega large patches have ALWAYS fully regrown.

It's possible to get regrowth on Winning Alopecia

Would you choose treatments that put you at risk for cancer and infection? Treatments that don’t cure Alopecia at all, but merely suppress the symptoms, yet at the same time suppress your immune system from fighting cancers and infections? Or would you choose to nourish and restore your health over time so that symptoms disappear?


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