The best protection against virus that isn’t talked about enough

The best protection against virus that isn’t talked about enough

The best protection against virus and bacterial infection is not masks. It certainly is not antiseptic soaps, or cold medication. The best protection is a strong immune system.


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The best protection against virus is your own immune system on Winning Alopecia

People pile up on masks. Opportunists flood the market with counterfeit masks made from questionable material, hygiene and quality. People set up factories in record time to manufacture masks. People stock up on cold and flu medicine, resulting in shortages, all the while believing that these medications would actually be of any help at all.

People hope that doctors and scientists will invent vaccines or pills to cure. There are big talks on hospitals gearing up in “preparing for” worse case scenario, but in reality all that medicine and hospitals can provide are supportive treatment and therapies until people who are infected eventually overcome their own viral infection.

Doctors and medical “experts” are asked to weigh in on preventative measures that people can take, which are often underwhelming at least to me personally, amidst the occasional mentions of some random antioxidant pills, often synthetic, and often not well understood by the doctors themselves.

Yet, no one is talking about looking after the most effective defence system that everyone has!

First, you have to understand that viruses are very small. Viruses are only one hundredth the size of our cells. One cell is half the width of a single strand of hair. So a virus is about 0.5% of the size of a hair strand. In other words, the width of your hair strands is 200 times bigger than the size of a virus. If you can still breathe in those masks, they certainly don’t block viruses. They may however prevent you from spreading fluids and droplets onto another person if you are to sneeze or cough.🙅🏻‍♀️😷

Cold medications suppress symptoms. They never cure colds or flu.

I cringe when I see antiseptics products flood store shelves these days. Antiseptics wipe out both good and bad bugs indiscriminately, because they can’t differentiate which is which. While we all know that a depleted good bacteria population is driving poor health these days, further wiping them out with antiseptics leave us with an even weaker arsenal to put up fight against pathogens like virus and bacteria.

There are possibly 10,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000 virus strains that exist today. We humans don’t know most of them, much less how to deal with them.

Viruses are all around you. They are on you and inside of you. You don’t get ‘infected’ because you come into contact with viruses. They’re already always all around you. You get sick when your immune system and the microbiome that constitutes your immune system are unbalanced or deficient.

The good old advice of washing your hands is good practice but honestly, isn’t a foolproof way to keep disease-causing viruses away. You can’t sanitize your way out of viruses either. In fact, by over sanitizing you actually further deplete your microbiome.

Flu shots target 6 strains out of all the virus strains out there. There are no vitamins or pharmaceutical drugs that can beat viruses to this day.

If anything, this alopecia journey has allowed me to learn a lot about health. While my daughter’s peers have been sick and off school for days, taking antibiotics, having pretty bad symptoms, she is still standing strong. If she catches something, symptoms are very mild and recovery is fast without medication or antibiotics, even with her autoimmunity. All the healthy eating and lifestyle are paying off big time for us!

Keep focusing on your immune system and your microbiome. If they are rich and healthy, they do all the protection for you.

I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone ignores medical advice from their doctors and healthcare professionals. It would be really useful though, if people are given more information and education on how to keep themselves healthy through nourishing their own immune system.


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