It’s not always as simple as poor diet and lifestyle

It’s not always as simple as poor diet and lifestyle

It’s much more than diet and lifestyle!

A healthy diet and lifestyle are non-negotiable. But not everyone with an autoimmune problem is eating a bad diet and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I see that many so-called “health coaches” tend to start with this generic assumption across the board that people who have health conditions must be eating a poor “standard western diet” and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

True, many people aren’t eating well to begin with, and in that case, fixing their diet is a logical place to start. And that’s a very easy fix.

But what can you do when you are already doing everything “right” plus more, and the symptoms still don’t go away?

Autoimmune alopecia is much more than diet and lifestyle on Winning Alopecia

My daughter ate healthy and well since Day 1 of starting solid foods, which was the day she turned 6 months old. Her first food was steamed sweet potato 🍠 and her second food was mashed avocado 🥑. Her diet has always consisted of a wide variety of plant foods that I cooked with small amount of meat, fish, or free range eggs. I never fed her junk. I was mindful of how much she should be sleeping, playing outside, and the products that came into contact with her. Bad diet and lifestyle were not our problem. The issue with her Alopecia went much deeper than most health “advice” is able to address/

Figuring her out required me to dive a lot deeper. I am not interested in the shaky theories behind elimination diet, and I am not impressed with the isolated synthetic vitamins and supplements that “heath coaches” and “natural” practitioners like to prescribe — fish oil, bone broth powder (I’ve talked about this), collagen powder (also a fad), isolated singular antioxidant pills such as curcumin/quercetine/glutathione, probiotics (from cow bacteria), and synthetic multivitamins to name a few.

It's not always just about diet and lifestyle on Winning Alopecia

Focus on what to eat, not what to eliminate.

Eat more plant foods. 20-30 types of wholesome vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds every day.

Plant foods contain phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber that feed and nourish our immune system and gut microbiome. There is no fiber or phytonutrients and extremely little antioxidants in animal foods.

Our body can heal.


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