The one most important nutrient you need more of

The one most important nutrient you need more of

FIBER is perhaps the most crucial nutrient you need to get enough of every single day.

The one most crucial nutrient you need to consume on Winning Alopecia

Fiber is only found in plant foods. Animal products don’t contain fiber. Juices don’t contain fiber because the pulp (the fiber part) is tossed out. Processed foods are deprived in fiber despite what the labeling and marketing say.

Foods that contain fiber also contain thousands of other beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants.

A lack of fiber can manifest through a whole host of symptoms as good bacteria in your gut are deprived and therefore can’t protect you from illnesses.

Dietary fiber feeds certain bacteria in your large intestines. When these bacteria are well fed (with the fiber you eat), they produce short chain fatty acids, butyrate being one of them.

Butyrate is a wonder ‘drug’ for your body. It helps nourish the cells of your gut lining. More importantly, butyrate has been shown to have POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.

As always, the stuff your body makes on its own works and you CAN’T replace it by taking butyrate supplements. The only way to get butyrate that works to protect you is by feeding your microbes with fiber from whole plant foods.

If you don’t feed them with fiber, they will feed on YOU (eating the mucus layer that lines your GI tract). Patients with GI issues have been shown to have lost their GI lining.

SOYGREEN to ensure we get enough fiber every single day

SOYGREEN is an important tool in my box to ensure that my 6-year-old gets enough fiber and wholesome green vegetables every single day, on top of ensuring we include as much leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables in our diet every day.

In most cases, people don’t get enough fiber and vegetables intake from their diet that, despite best efforts and even when they think they do.

The recommended daily intake of fiber is 25 to 30 grams a day, and that is equivalent to 10 to 12 apples with peel on. When trying to heal, you need more. SOYGREEN can be a very helpful and convenient tool to ensure you meet this target and even exceed.

Soygreen wholesome soybeans and leafy greens wholesome supplement on Winning Alopecia

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