The truth about collagen products

The truth about collagen products

This is remotely related to the subject of Alopecia, but I’ve decided to write this post because many people have asked and wondered if collagen and hyaluronic acid products would help with hair growth and Alopecia.

What really happens when you consume collagen products?

When you consume collagen from animal sources, your digestive system breaks it down into amino acids, which are the raw materials that make protein. The collagen you just consumed is no longer in the form of collagen as soon as it hits your stomach acid and digestive system.

The real truth about collagen products on Winning Alopecia

What about marine collagen?

Marine collagen is made from fish. And yes, fish is an animal, too.

Therefore, consuming collagen does not help with increasing the collagen in your body.

What about applying collagen and hyaluronic acid products?

Then what about applying products that contain collagen and hyaluronic acid?

These days, you can find anything from skin care, hair care, and other personal care products, all marketed to have anti aging effects, promote skin health, remove wrinkles, and even hair growth.

Think about your skin as the protective gate for your body. In order to be effective in its role as a protective gate, only extremely tiny particles are able to pass through. In other words, your skin can only absorb  extremely small particles.

Now, collagen and hyaluronic acid are very large particles. If your gate has gaps that are only big enough for a mouse pass through, for example, collagen and hyaluronic acid are like the size of a cow. They have no way of passing through the ‘mouse’ gaps of your gate. In other words, collagen and hyaluronic acid have no way of being absorbed by the barriers of your skin.

What you have is a very expensive layer of collagen polymer sitting on the surface of your skin. Your skin may feel good until the next time you wash your face.

What about collagen nano peptides?

Of course, scientists and manufacturers are quick to respond. As we understand that collagen from animals is too large for our body to absorb and use, they have come up with what they call collagen nano peptides.

Collagen nano peptides are simply made by breaking down the full collagen molecules into shorter chains of amino acids. The theory is that by making them smaller, they should be able to pass through your body. The problem is that, now they have chopped up the collagen into pieces small enough that these pieces are not even collagen anymore.

Think about it like this. If you have a piece of furniture, say a desk, that’s too big to fit through the door, you then chop it up into smaller parts. Now you can move the parts of the desk through your door. But they are no longer a desk. A desk that’s too big to move into your house is useless. But so are chopped up pieces of a desk.

Boost your body’s own collagen production instead.

The only collagen that your body can use is the one that your body makes on its own.

Your body makes its own collagen from antioxidants that are in the foods that you eat. Remember that antioxidants only exist in plant foods. Animal products contain no antioxidants.

Antioxidants do much more than just producing collagen in your body. They also counter the negative effects of daily oxidative stress and free radicals, which result in better health all around for you.

Consume fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Well known examples are citrus fruits and berries, but all fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. Other plant foods like cactus fruit, acerola cherry, cranberry, and a specific species of rose, contain antioxidants in many folds over other fruits.

Whole food dietary supplements such as ROSYTIME contain high-antioxidant plant foods to effectively boost your own body’s collagen production.

The only collagen your body can use is the one it makes on its own on Winning Alopecia


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