The shampoo I choose to use on my daughter

The shampoo I choose to use on my daughter

Because Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune condition, the root cause lies in the immune system. Anything you use on the hair and head is only supportive in nature and will not be able address the root cause.

What I mean by this is, true autoimmune hair loss cannot be resolved by topical treatment alone. But the ‘right’ topical treatment may help stimulate and boost regrowth, if you are also working on restoring the immune system.

That being said, the external products that you choose to use matter a lot. They should not cause further harms and burden to your immune system.

A lot of products in the market are loaded with harmful chemicals that your body will have to work hard to process and eliminate.

There is no shortage of products that claim to prevent hair loss and help grow hair. The shampoo I chose to use on my daughter is not one that boasts the biggest claims on hair loss/growth, but one that I am confident is of good quality and won’t leave harmful residues.

Elemente gentle cleansing shampoo on Winning Alopecia

We’ve been using this shampoo for a few months now and love how gentle it is yet how well it cleanses. We only need to use 2x pea-size drops for my daughter per wash and it cleanses all the residues of essential oils + carrier oils without being harsh or drying on her scalp and hair. We only need to use 1x pea-size drop when we don’t have oils on her hair.

The featured ingredients in this shampoo are: Ginseng berry extract, Cactus fruit extract, Cactus extract, Grape extract, Rose extract, Seaweed extract, Simmondsia chinensis leaf extract, Peach leaf extract, Licorice leaf extract, and Gardenia extract.

To purchase this shampoo and other products I use for daughter, click here (US and Canada only).


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