There is a cause: It’s not a random case of bad luck

There is a cause: It’s not a random case of bad luck

My daughter knows that cancer is a type of illness. But when she innocently lumped together cough, fever and cancer in one sentence yesterday, my reaction was nothing short of an utter surprise.

“Mommy, how do people get cancer?”

How do people get cancer on Winning Alopecia

I then explained to her that cancer is a very serious illness. She then asked me after a brief pause “So how do people get cancer?”

What she was really asking is, if cancer is such a serious illness, how do we then prevent ourselves from getting it?

I explained to her in simple terms. And I think she got it. But this led me to think, perhaps we aren’t asking this question enough. We’re so afraid to go into the C word territory. And because there’s never a really good answer for it, we just don’t ask it.

Getting a chronic illness is not a case of bad luck!

A Youtuber/lymphoma fighter said in her video, that when she asked her oncologist what had caused her cancer, he didn’t know. He had no clue, so he said that getting cancer is a matter of pure bad luck. It’s a random draw. It’s a case of hitting a ‘bad’ jackpot. Her oncologist knows all the chemo and radiation medicine for cancer, but has no single clue why his patients get cancer in the first place.

And this is not isolated to one or even a few cases. I have come to hear this over and over and over again. Confused parents ask their doctors why their toddlers and young children get cancer and childhood leukaemia and they are repeatedly told that it has nothing to do with what they eat and what they do.

What is it, then? Well, the doctors don’t really know.

What? How can doctors not know the cause of chronic illnesses?

Well, as much as we’d like to think that doctors are THE go-to for anything and everything health related, the truth is that doctors are trained in conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine responds to acute situations, emergency life-saving conditions, putting bandaids on people so they have a living chance. And then deal with everything else next. Conventional medicine to this day has not figured out all the diseases that are the leading causes of death around the world.

It annoys me to keep hearing that doctors tell people that it’s just a RANDOM draw. You get XYZ because it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, randomly. And then they will go as far as to say that diet and lifestyle are certainly NOT the cause, which is fascinating to me because if they don’t know what causes it, how can they say for sure what doesn’t cause it?

Getting chronic illness is not purely a random case of bad luck

And I know that people like to believe this. Because not knowing is uncomfortable. Knowing that you’ve brought this on yourself or worse still to your kids through diet and lifestyle choices is a bad feeling. So people may inadvertently choose to go with the randomness nonsense.

The real cause of most diseases today on Winning Alopecia

It may be something you do. It may not be. Or both. The world already exposes everyone to factors that lead to gut permeability and chronic inflammation. The body works by a simple equation. Your rate of injury must not be greater than your rate of repair.

Chronic inflammation is at the root of most diseases we see today

Based on what I’ve learned, chronic inflammation is the root cause of most diseases we see today. It doesn’t matter if it’s allergies, asthma, autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases.

Excessive state of inflammation in the body manifests as different diseases. Which disease you get depends on your genome. But without chronic inflammation, genes alone won’t get you to the point of disease.

Chronic inflammation itself is caused by many things. Constant exposure to compounds that keep disrupting our immune system, our gut membrane, and our microbiome, to a point where the rate of injury far surpasses our rate of repair.

It’s not a random case of bad luck. There is a cause and explanation for everything. Just because we humans don’t know what it is, it doesn’t make it cause-less.


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