There is no substitute for sunlight for Alopecia healing

There is no substitute for sunlight for Alopecia healing

Sun and the vitamin D our skin makes from sun exposure are crucial for managing Alopecia.

Vitamin D is crucial for immune system regulation, which means that it is critical for autoimmune healing. And there is no good substitute for the vitamin D your skin makes from sun exposure.

It is no coincidence that all else being equal (diet and other aspects in check), the highest rate of hair loss is usually toward the end of winter and throughout spring, when most people run out of vitamin stores in their body. The highest rate of regrowth is also usually toward mid to end of summer and throughout fall.

Vitamin D is also a crucial component for proper functioning of the immune system in protecting us from various threats to our health, including infection and other chronic conditions.

During this season, it may be tricky to get sun exposure as there are different restrictions in different places. Find a way to get yourself exposed to sun safely.

Because we don’t have the luxury of a front/backyard or even a balcony, in the beginning, all we did was opening the window and staying by it. Then, it was safe enough for us to stand outside of our building. Because everyone seems to be doing their part and using common sense, we can now enjoy the sun safely in a local community garden or a park. Whatever you do, just try to find that balance so that you stay safe.


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