Things you may experience during the Alopecia healing process

Things you may experience during the Alopecia healing process

It’s not about alopecia, or the hair loss, or the hair growth, or even the autoimmunity. It’s the overall state of the immune system. It’s a loss of that delicate balance somewhere. It’s a loss of cell to cell communication somewhere in that complex jungle that is our immune system.

When I started to work on all the angles, focusing on her health, and not the alopecia, not the hair loss/growth, things shifted.

1. 💩Bowel regularity.

We really struggled here in the beginning. Even when she was eating nothing but vegetables, fruits, and all the ‘right’ things, it wasn’t happening for us.

But things have completely turned around now. 2-3 times of healthy bowel movements daily indicate a strong gut health.

2. 😴Sleep.

Another area we struggled on in the beginning. I was convinced she was ‘born’ a poor sleeper. I put in A LOT of effort into her sleep since the week after she was born. So much that sleep pretty much consumed my first 2 years of parenting. 😨 It was always so hard to get her to sleep, yet I knew how important sleep was. I was obsessed with making sure she got all the sleep she needed, which she always did, but it was a real battle.

That, too, has completely turned around. Sleep is a breeze. Getting her to bed, falling asleep, and staying asleep for 11-12 hours a night are a walk in the park.

3. 😇Mood.

Where did those mood swings go? She’s generally joyful and a sweet thing to be around, but we haven’t had those little ‘moments’ for a long time now.

She’s a lot calmer, happier, more relaxed, and full of positive energy, also because she’s very well rested. Maybe she’s also grown, but gut health has also been shown to improve mood and concentration because a robust gut bacteria population produces many neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and GABA.

Our health manifests in all aspects of our physical and mental well-being. Keep working on all of those angles. Put your blinders on and don’t be too caught up with the hair. Get your health back, and the hair will come. 


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