This one highly inflammatory ingredient in most supplement products

This one highly inflammatory ingredient in most supplement products

Remember to get plenty of sun whenever you can. Some scientists think that there isn’t much of a region in the world where we can make optimal level of vitamin D from the sun anymore, as more and more chemicals, including chemicals from sunscreen, are in the atmosphere.

Current guidelines for vitamin D are still based mainly on bone mineralisation and calcium metabolism, but we know very well by now that vitamin D is crucial for the immune system to learn defense and tolerance. Vitamin D does a whole lot more than just bone health.

There really is no substitute for the sun when it comes to getting vitamin D. Because strictly speaking, vitamin D is a prohormone, not a nutrient, so you cannot get enough of it from foods.

Supplementation is necessary to get the optimal levels for proper immune response in people with immune-related conditions, such as Alopecia. But I haven’t personally found a really good vitamin D supplement yet, the kind that ticks all the boxes like the other dietary supplements I use for my daughter, myself and my family.

Whatever you choose, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients label, and make sure the product doesn’t use oils high in omega 6 because they really exacerbate inflammation in the body.


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