Before Taking Advice on Healing Alopecia

We can’t stop people from handing out bad advice and even charging money for it. But we can educate ourselves and decide for ourselves what is right and what is not.

Should you be eating free range, organic, grass fed, pasture raised, wild caught, etc etc?

Organically raised animal products use less antibiotics than conventionally raised ones (supposedly). If you must consume animal products, then generally, less antibiotics are better than more.

But all animal products, regardless of how they are raised, are sources of animal hormones and arachidonic acid (ALL kinds of animal products).

All animals raised for foods are slaughtered, and their body produces extreme levels of stress hormones when they are murdered, which accumulate in their body for your consumption.

The problem with autoimmunity is excessive, chronic inflammation. Your body is constantly in attack mode. So the last thing you want to do is introduce more inflammatory compounds that send signals to attack. In this case, animal products are highly inflammatory and can halt your healing process.

Slide to the last image for my conclusion on this: 10-20% of animal products to start if you really can’t do without. And always eat way more plant foods to counter the damages of animal products.

It is highly irresponsible (in my opinion) to promote animal products like liver, eggs, meat, and wild caught fish as being nutrient-dense and therefore eating more of them is healthy for you.

Most people who claim a relief in symptoms by following a meat-heavy diet start off with a very unhealthy diet full of processed foods to begin with. In this case, removing processed foods alone can make them feel a lot better and may even make symptoms go away. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healed.

Before you decide to pay someone for their health advice, you can first get an idea of what they’re promoting. If animal products feature as nutrient-dense in their books, question it. All scientific evidence is pointing the other way.

If you’re currently eating processed foods in your diet, then start there. Remove these processed foods before you do anything else.


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