We don’t need more masks

We don’t need more masks

The more I look, the more I realize how severely lacking we are (the world in general) when it comes to health education.

We don't need more masks or hand sanitizers on Winning Alopecia

We rush to hospitals. We even build more hospitals now, even though any medical treatment is only supportive in nature until your body cures on its own.

We rush to grab all the symptoms-suppressing medicine we could, even though all medicines only treat symptoms.

We wipe and spray things down with antiseptics and antimicrobials, an attempt to “get” those disease-causing microbes while at the same time depleting our own microbiome, the one colony that’s trying to work to protect our heath.

We now spend hundreds of dollars on masks, not really knowing what they do, because as long as we can still breathe in the mask, viruses and microbes still get through.

Why do we keep doing these things?

How about education on health?

Not the fluffy stuff about fad diets and superfood trends. But real education about our immune system, our microbiome, our food and environment, about how medical therapies really work.

We are not taught these things. Doctors are not even taught these things! How about spending money to learn about health, and spending money on healthy foods instead of more medicine, more antiseptics, and more (anything—stuff we don’t need).

I’m not saying we don’t need hospitals and doctors and medicine and all these stuff. I’m saying, how about we ALSO focus on and prioritize health education so that people are not in the dark, and know how to protect themselves, reduce risks of getting nasty diseases, and know what to do to heal and recover.


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