What is the Alopecia Recovery Program?

What is the Alopecia Recovery Program?

My daughter had her first bouts of Autoimmune Alopecia Areata at 19 months of age. I strongly suspect that a course of antibiotics was what tipped her over to this side of the autoimmune spectrum. That was more than four years ago now.

She was already on a clean, wholesome diet. There was no bad diet or unhealthy lifestyle to cut out for an otherwise perfectly healthy and thriving 19-month-old.

In the last 4 years, we have seen AT LEAST 7 DOCTORS, none of whom could do anything. We did one complete set of blood work in the beginning. We did NOT do any food sensitivity test (more on why another day). We did not use any kind of medication, not even topical steroid creams.

I read a number of books, listened to a lot of lectures, podcasts, from various “experts”. Experimented with different things. Piecing together pieces of puzzle. I find that each “expert” tends to preach from one single angle, no one covers it from all angles.

At this point I think I’ve figured out what works for my daughter’s autoimmune hair loss. The PROGRAM that I’ve been mentioning in my recent posts refers to the one I develop for my own daughter and covers all the pieces from all angles. It’s still work in progress but if you’re interested, please drop your email on the homepage of this website.

My Alopecia Recovery Program on Winning Alopecia

Magic hair growth potions are too good to be true

There is a whole biological process that needs to happen inside the body to go from no-hair to new regrowth that we can see with our eyes. Don’t be fast to fall for claims promising hair growth in ridiculously short periods of time simply by applying some magic potion or using certain shampoos. Many of these claims are not even biologically possible!⁠

No steroids in our Alopecia journey (yet) after all these years

I am constantly baffled by how easily steroid creams and injections are prescribed for alopecia, even to children, in some parts of the world. Steroid treatment was not even a consideration for us and our doctors. I chose the long way of figuring out pieces of the recovery puzzle and experimenting with them over 4 years to finally get the answer. I am glad that we still have not put a single drop of medication on our daughter after all these years.

Nutrients that matter: It’s beyond basic macronutrients

We’re not talking about macronutrients like carbs or fats or sugar. Those are basic nutrients for survival and not the nutrients that really matter when it comes to disease prevention and healing. We’re talking about the thousands of different phytonutrients, polysaccharides and antioxidants that most people are not getting enough of today.⁠


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