What to watch for in cooking oils

E. Excel Essential Blend healthier cooking oil on Winning Alopecia

Important points to consider in the cooking oil you use/consume are:
🔸 omega 6 to omega 3 ratio
🔸 smoke point
🔸 how the oil is extracted/produced
🔸 whether it is refined (very common to achieve that oil clarity, increase smoke point, or remove certain smell from oil)
🔸 chemical solvents added e.g sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, hexane and heptane (distillation is meant to remove added harmful substances but the truth it, these compounds cannot be fully removed once added)
🔸 whether the oil contains cancer-causing compounds like dimethylpolysioloxane (anti-caulking/anti-foaming agent), sodium acid pyrophospate (to get that perfect golden brown in deep fried foods)
🔸 rancidity of oil
🔸 preservatives like TBHQ (usually in commercially used restaurant/fast food chain oils)

Consider the above points when choosing oils. But frankly, it’s VERY hard to know what is in oils. One way to minimise risks is to use oils from reputable producers.

What to watch for in cooking oils on Winning Alopecia

The oil I use is Essential Blend, which is 95.5% macadamia oil (1:1 omega ratio) and 4.5% perilla seed oil (4x more omega 3 than omega 6!).

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