What’s wrong with the Paleo or AIP diet?

What’s wrong with the Paleo or AIP diet?

I have posted multiple times about why I do not adopt the Paleo or the AIP diet. I don’t think anyone should adopt this diet even if they are healthy, let alone if they are trying to heal from autoimmunity.

First, just because someone calls their diet protocol and ‘autoimmune’ protocol, it doesn’t make it one. Anyone can call their diet anything they want.

The only possible way that people feel better after following a Paleo or AIP diet is if their diet consisted of processed foods, dairy, and/or was meat-heavy prior. In this case, simply eliminating dairy and processed foods (which also come with high amounts of added sugar and additives) will automatically make them feel better.

But Paleo or AIP diets will not get one to a point of optimal health. A temporary relief in symptoms also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have healed.

Any animal products, free range or not, grass fed or not, wild caught or not, contain saturated fats, arachidonic acid, animal hormones, promote acidity in the body, all of which cause and exacerbate chronic inflammation and hurt our body every time we consume them. Animal products contain no fibre, so consuming animal products also negatively affect the good bacteria population in our body.

Our body can heal from the damage of animal products, as long as we don’t give it more than it’s capable of repairing. But if you have autoimmune and want to heal faster, a logical thing to do is to do is to take that burden of repair off of your system so that your body doesn’t trigger even more inflammation to fight off the damages from too much animal products consumption.

By saying that animal products are nutrient dense and are in the “to include” food list, these diets dangerously mislead people into the thought that eating more of them must be good.

These diets say eat meat and organs (high concentration of toxins) but avoid beans, legumes, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and nightshade vegetables (the real ‘nutrient dense’ foods).

These diets say oils are good for you, even though it’s evident that oils are high in omega 6 that exacerbate chronic inflammation. Olive oil damages the endothelial cells of the arteries. Coconut oil is high in saturated fats and is not a health food.


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