Who is Winning Alopecia? Our story…

Who is Winning Alopecia? Our story…

I started this page to share my daughter’s journey with autoimmune Alopecia Areata. I believe that a lot of people can benefit from the lessons we’ve learned in overcoming #Alopecia.

(I made a conscious decision to not disclose much of her identity at all here, in order to protect her privacy.)

Here’s our story…

My daughter was born as a baby with a FULL HEAD OF HAIR. As in, more hair than most babies we saw.

But, a series of sickness from daycare followed by a course of antibiotics when she 19 months old was the tipping point. That course of antibiotics was enough to tip her over to the other side of the autoimmune spectrum with a diagnosable condition: #AlopeciaAreata.

She was always on a healthy diet and sleep schedule, so there wasn’t much room to move there.

A long journey to figure things out for ourselves

The following 4 years were filled with trial and error, EXTENSIVE reading and learning, experimenting, scouring all information I can get my hands on, filtering out junk (most health info out there is junk) and piecing together some sort of a plan for her recovery.

During this time, we also consulted with 7 different doctors across Australia (where we lived) and Canada (where we live now) — in all honesty we got nothing on this front, so we were left to figure things out on our own.

So there I was, figuring this thing out, piece by piece by piece. At every stage, I learned that there was still a missing piece in the puzzle. It was an exhaustively long journey of figuring out all the pieces, stage by stage, month by month, season by season, year by year, until we get to this point.

There is simply too much misinformation and message of negativity out there. My goal and hope are to get my little voice of positivity and hope out in the midst of all the loud noises. Not only positive vibes, I have tangible action steps that you can take to hopefully see transformation for yourself.

It’s not true that there’re nothing you can do for Alopecia

There are definitely (lots of) things we can do about Alopecia before throwing in the towel. Some people have told me that they’ve tried but “it doesn’t work”.

Yes, autoimmune is a complex issue. If you don’t do the right things, you may feel that it doesn’t work. If you do the right things but are missing a few pieces of the puzzle, you may feel that it works but then the hair loss comes back. It can be quite demotivating. I know, because I was there. Year after year, figuring this thing out for my daughter.

What I can offer you in the meantime

My goal is to complete a do-it-yourself course. But there is still a fair bit of work left to get it out into the world. So in the meantime, I’m offering a limited-time private phone consult if you can’t wait to start your journey.

60 Minute Phone Consultation Coaching on Winning Alopecia

You can also sign up to be the first to hear when my Alopecia Recovery Program is ready.

Alopecia Areata Recovery Program on Winning Alopecia

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