Why not homeopathy or natural medicine for Alopecia

Why not homeopathy or natural medicine for Alopecia

Some people have asked for my opinions about using homeopathy or other forms of “natural medicine” for Alopecia treatment.

In general, I prefer NOT to use medicine for our Alopecia recovery journey, and that includes homeopathy or any other form of “natural” medicine. And we haven’t used any of them to date.

Why not homeopathy or natural medicine for Alopecia treatment on Winning Alopecia

Why NOT use homeopathy or natural remedies for Alopecia treatment

Some of the biggest reasons why I don’t use homeopathy, herbal remedies or natural medicine for Alopecia are:

💊 There is no medicine that can really get to the root cause of Alopecia, and I think we can get more wholesome results using foods.

💊 Natural medicine and herbal remedies are still medicine. Much like conventional medicine, natural medicine has also been concentrated from their plant sources into dosage that may not be safe for all or long term use. Therefore, like their conventional counterparts, NATURAL MEDICINE HAS SIDE EFFECTS. Yes! That’s why the use of natural medicine actually needs to be monitored by a healthcare professional. Some have warnings on the use of pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with certain conditions, or children under certain age. Choose options that are safe for ALL.

💊 Natural medicine, herbal remedies, including homeopathy drugs are very loosely regulated if at all. So you still need to be very careful of how the products are manufactured, what they contain, and what quality measures are used to ensure their safety.

I prefer to use foods, whether it be from our daily diets, or supplemental food products that I know exactly what’s in them because they have undergone thousands of test instead of just a slap-on ‘organic’ labelling.

Herbal remedies and natural medicine are not always safer

Natural medicine and herbal remedies are not necessarily safe for everyone. Because they are very loosely regulated, you really need to be sure of the quality and safety of the products that you take.

You need to be sure of the ingredients that go into the products, beyond what’s listed on the ingredients label. Is it the right kind of species, part of plants, where do the ingredients come from, how are they cultivated, how are they selected and processed, what tests are in place to ensure they are pure, what about heavy metals and microbe contamination? Organic labeling doesn’t ensure any of these, by the way.

Natural medicine may also come with side effects

Natural medicine and herbal remedies may also come with side effects. They may be a bit less strong than side effects of conventional medicine, but side effects nonetheless.

Remember, medicine is only created by humans. Our body is capable of much more sophisticated healing than any man-made medicine.

I respect medicine, both modern medicine and natural medicine. They definitely have their place. But medicine tends to lag far behind the complexity of our human body. We have to recognise what it can solve and what it cannot.

Alopecia Areata can be resolved for a lot of people

Autoimmune Alopecia Areata can be resolved for a lot of people. But you need the right knowledge, you need to believe, be committed, no excuses, and DO THE WORK.

My plan/program is not rocket science. In fact, it covers a lot of the basics. But these days, the basics are often lost amongst a sea of diet fads, superfood fads, and an overwhelming options of products.

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