Why we never go the Naturopathy way for Alopecia

Why we never go the Naturopathy way for Alopecia

This post is not intended to undermine the field of Naturopathy or people in the naturopathy profession. The information shared here consists of merely my own experience and opinions on why I decided to NOT go the naturopathy way for my daughter’s Alopecia. The information shared here doesn’t represent naturopathy as a whole, and certainly doesn’t apply to all naturopaths out there.

In my own personal experience from seeking out naturopaths and ‘holistic’ dentists (not for Alopecia but other things years before) with high hopes, I must say they didn’t impress.

I’ve also been following a few people offering services in this field, and hearing experiences from people who did seek out naturopaths for their Alopecia journey. The observations I made led me to the decision of NOT going the naturopathic medicine path for my daughter’s Alopecia.

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So why don’t I go the naturopathic medicine way for my daughter’s Alopecia? There are many reasons I’m not convinced. For example, high dose vitamins and medicinal herbs are a common theme across the naturopathy practices.

Why don't go the naturopathic medicine path on Winning Alopecia

Vitamin pills and herbs are not necessarily safe

In my understanding, high dose vitamins and medicinal herbs are not necessarily safe for everyone, especially when you use synthetic vitamin and multivitamin supplements.

Vitamins almost create the perception of “natural” and “safe”. Synthetic vitamins are lab-made by the way, they are considered drugs by definition. I have gone in length about why NOT use vitamin pills, multivitamins, or hair vitamins in this earlier post.

Concentrated medicinal herbs are not necessarily safe either. When concentrated in high doses, there are also side effects in medicinal herbs just like conventional medicine. And we never know the quality standards of these herbs. How were they grown, where do they come from, are they contaminated, what about heavy metals content?

And because they don’t go through the level of scrutiny that conventional medicine does, natural medicine a risky business for the patients, in my opinion.

Natural Alopecia treatment is not always better or safer on Winning Alopecia

Get the right education. There is way more misleading and false health information out there than true and valid ones. Sift through what you read with a critical mind.

Following the wrong advice and not getting results can demotivate you and make you give up hope to heal. And that means you can lose out on the opportunity to live your best healthy life.


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