Why You Don’t Need to Avoid Grains and Legumes for Autoimmune Healing

Why You Don’t Need to Avoid Grains and Legumes for Autoimmune Healing

It is not a case of grains and legumes and even gluten being inherently inflammatory or “bad” for you. It is also not a case of otherwise-healthy plant foods being “harmful” for people with autoimmunity.

Why you don't need to avoid grains and legumes for autoimmune healing on Winning Alopecia

It is however, a case of a compromised gut and broken gut membrane finding it hard to deal with the insoluble fibre and other nutrients in these otherwise-healthy plant foods, such that the immune system recognises them as threats and creates inflammatory responses to attack them.

Autoimmune diet protocols typically advocate for avoiding grains, beans and legumes. Some people may experience a temporary relief by doing so, and others don’t. Regardless, avoiding otherwise-healthy plant foods for a temporary relief in symptoms doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. It simply avoids it for the time being. It doesn’t solve why your immune system reacts to these foods in the first place.

Conversely, working toward rebuilding your gut may take longer, but once you get back a coherent and intelligent gut membrane, your immune system should not react to foods as if they were viruses or pathogens.


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