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Great if you are just getting started and want to have an idea of the approach I take.

Learn what you can do NOW to stop hair loss and start hair growth.

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Read blog articles, listen to it on podcast (coming soon), or watch it on Youtube (coming soon).

One-on-One Call Session + Email Follow-Ups

Private 60-minute video call where I give you a rundown of my approach and steps you can take right away. Ask me questions, and discuss all we can in the hour. Feel free to email me follow-up questions after the call.

Full Program: Online Course + Personalised Support

Great if you are ready to commit to doing the whole thing: the entire approach covering (1) Diet and Nutrition (2) Immune Regulation and (3) External Care.

90-day access to a comprehensive online course that details my entire approach, covering (1) Diet and Nutrition, (2) Immune Regulation, and (3) External Care. Includes personalised support and access to me to ask questions along the way.

Disclosure: I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional. In fact, the reason I’m here is because all the doctors I saw were not able to offer any help for my daughter’s Alopecia. This led me to years of learning all I can to overcome her Alopecia by optimising her overall immune system health by consulting various published resources all on my own.

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Free Guide on how to stop hair loss and start hair regrowth in Alopecia Areata by Winning Alopecia

Learn what you can do NOW to stop hair loss and start hair growth.


Winning Alopecia Success Stories 01

My very first success story, the reason I’m even here. My daughter went from quite a severe degree of hair loss to full, healthy regrowth.

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 01

5-year-old Winning Alopecia Program participant in the USA had their first signs of white hair regrowth and NO MORE exclamation hair or black dots only 2 weeks into the plan.

Winning Alopecia Program participant in the UK regrew her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair in other parts of the body. I’m so thrilled with her progress and can’t wait for her to get full regrowth!

"At the time I met Susy I have had alopecia for three years. I’ve tried multiple doctors, millions of different tests and medications that ended up making my condition worse. I was left more confused than before. No one would have answers, it felt very lonely and I felt broken. I came across Susy‘s profile on Instagram. I didn’t know much about her but seeing the results she achieved for her daughter made me believe that it is possible to heal. Susy is incredibly knowledgeable, any question I had she answered in full, each time with a bonus. I am blown away with how well informed she is when it comes to nutrition and wellness overall. But it is not just that, she is really approachable, trustworthy, kind and consitent with offering support. Thanks to her I stopped feeling lost and understood what mechanisms drive alopecia. It’s not the easiest condition to treat, no quick fix will help but if you put in the time and find the right mentor, it is possible to improve your health. I am really grateful I had a chance to work with her and would fully recommend to join her programme."
Winning Alopecia Program Participant
London, United Kingdom
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1A
Winning Alopecia Testimonial 1B
Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 03

Rooting for this client from Stockholm, Sweden to achieve full healing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 04

This mom in the USA followed my page and free advice and I’m so happy that she is already seeing improvements in her child’s overall health. That’s the most important thing!

Winning Alopecia Progress and Success Stories 05

Kind words from a client in Mexico. I’m happy to be able to offer help to this family.

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