Believe With Everything in You That “You Can Heal”

Your body is made to heal, as long as you provide it with the right environment. Sounds easy, but as I started to put into writing what “providing your body with the right environment to heal” involves, I realised that I’ve got 170 full pages detailing everything that I do.

I consult the research and work of a handful of experts and professionals in the field over the last few years. There are not too many that have done truly great work in the field of health, especially autoimmunity.

Those that advocate for animal products, synthetic vitamins, supplements from animal sources, and those promoting pseudoscience for profits (the ‘nightshades, grains and legumes are toxic but meat is great for you and coconut oil is a health food’ bunch) I don’t trust or listen to.

Healing is simple. But there are so many things to cover. Because we, as a society, have deviated too far. My daughter hasn’t eaten outside food, at all, in 2020. It’s virtually impossible to find anyone or any place that serves something that ticks all the boxes to be truly healthy. That’s how far our society has deviated, and it reflects in how we eat.

I heard this from a podcast some time ago:
If you think healthy food tastes bad, you know what really tastes bad? Hospital food. If you think eating healthy is inconvenient, you know what’s really inconvenient? Losing a limb to diabetes.

Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

P.S. Healthy food tastes GREAT, by the way! 😆


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