Blood test results show that everything is OK

Blood test results show that everything is OK

“But the blood test results show that everything is OK.” And this is where western medicine stops because the doctors have no more clues how to move forward.

This is a picture of my daughter’s FIRST AND ONLY blood test for her Alopecia, back in 2015. The blood test results showed “nothing was wrong”.

Blood test results don't show anything on Winning Alopecia

Western medicine did nothing for us. They didn’t know the cause. They didn’t have a solution. And this story is common for everyone going through the same thing.

It doesn’t matter where you go, which doctor you see and how much you pay. The only medicine for autoimmunity involves some form of steroids and immunosuppressants (sometimes they add antibiotics to the mix, which is mind blowing). These drugs don’t cure anything. They merely manipulate some parts of your immune system at the cost of your overall health. (Just look it up yourself, don’t take my word for it).

Standard blood tests and any form of medicine available today are far too primitive. People want easy, instant, quick results. Medicine gives you that quick, bandaid solution to your problems by temporarily masking what’s really wrong inside.

I’ve learned a big lesson from all this. We all have to be accountable for our own health. No one else will.


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