Constipation should not happen

Constipation should not happen

I remember when my daughter was very little, the doctors told us that not having a regular bowel movement is “normal”. That going once every few days or even up to a week is “normal”. No, it’s not. It may be common. But common is not normal.

Constipation should not be a problem on Winning Alopecia

Constipation is common. But constipation is not normal.

Including more fibre in the diet and drinking more water are the basic advice.

But sometimes, regularity is still an issue despite doing all the “right” things, despite eating nothing but whole plant foods high in fibre — fruits, vegetables, tubers, beans and legumes, etc. The issue is much deeper. And laxatives are not the answer. Laxatives, like most medications, are only temporary relief of symptoms, if they even work at all.

Studies have looked into the correlation between poop consistency, frequency and composition with our gut microbiota (the community of bacteria population in and on us). When we work on improving overall health through our gut health and immune system, constipation should not be an issue.

You know things are turning around for the better if you can go at least once a day, up to several times a day of good consistency (not diarrhea). If you are not, try upping your fibre intake, include both cooked and raw vegetables, and for sure, up your water intake.

Having gone through this challenge with my daughter for years, we are amazed at the changes we see in her overall energy, mood, sleep, and regularity when we focus on building her health. Being able to go a few times a day and having healthy elimination is just a much welcome side effect from the overall healing process.

No one should have symptoms when they are healthy. Common is not normal.


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