Don’t ignore symptoms, your body is trying to tell you something

Don’t ignore symptoms, your body is trying to tell you something

In talking with various people, friends and families, I find that as humans, we tend to ignore symptoms and refuse to do something about them as long as we can still bear with them.

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We would tell ourselves lies that the symptoms are no big deal. They don’t define who we are. They don’t make us any less strong and brave and beautiful. We tell ourselves all these things because it’s too difficult to figure out the answers. Our doctors don’t have a solution, and the information out there is so mixed and confusing. It’s easier to brush things off and get on with our lives.

Having to eat healthy, prepare our own meals, eliminating gluten, dairy and processed foods, not being able to eat and order just anything we like, all seem to be too much of a trouble and inconvenience. It’s easier to choose to live with the symptoms instead.

Sometimes we also tell ourselves that “it’s too expensive”. Yet, we go on and purchase many things we don’t need. To me, ‘expense’ when it comes to health is about priorities.

Having to tell my daughter there’s nothing we can do about her Alopecia never even crossed my mind. I’m not going to lie to her or to myself that she’s OK with or without hair. It’s NOT OK. Having an autoimmune condition without doing all in my power to fix it is NOT OK.


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