Healing protocol should not advocate the consumption of animal products

Healing protocol should not advocate the consumption of animal products

I started out here to share about our Alopecia journey. But the approach I put together made me realise that it wasn’t about Alopecia or any specific condition. The approach to overcoming Alopecia that I use is the very same approach to preventing and overcoming any other chronic illnesses, as well as strengthening the immune system to face daily threats to our health.

Any good approach to healing must be safe for all ages and any underlying conditions. They must not bring negative health consequences.

One easy way to identify if a “healing” protocol is simply not right, is if it advocates the use of animal-based products. A breakfast plate with two eggs on it, for example, even when paired with avocados and berries, is not right. Two eggs far surpass the daily cholesterol intake for anyone, and the arachidonic acid in them will worsen chronic inflammation by producing too many inflammatory compounds in your system.

As a general rule of thumb, anything derived from animals is never a true health food. And yes, bone broth and animal based collagen products are not health foods.

I break down in detail how all animal products can make your health worse in my wellness video series. Animal products should consumed extremely sparingly if you can’t do without them. Animal based products should not be treated as health foods.


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