Healthy snacks that boost immunity: Don’t haul processed treats

Healthy snacks that boost immunity: Don’t haul processed treats

My daughter doesn’t usually snack throughout the day. She has her three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) where she eats very well, plus one snack in the afternoon right after school, in the form of a green smoothie or a piece of fruit like a whole apple (do those even count as snacks?).

Healthy snacks for kids and family during Coronavirus pandemic on Winning Alopecia

Not snacking constantly throughout the day is actually a good thing. When our body gets a break from continuously digesting foods, it does its healing process.

On regular school days, my daughter actually prefers NOT to snack in between meals. She doesn’t like to snack at school, and she feels that she doesn’t need to (she isn’t hungry, perhaps because she eats very well during her main meals).

But when she stays home when school is off, she likes to snack a bit more, as I’m sure is the case with most kids.

First, I make sure that she is not snacking out of boredom. She is doing pretty well with keeping herself busy at this time, entertaining herself with reading, drawing, colouring, and free play activities. But when she does want to snack, I make sure that she eats healthy snacks that nourish her body. Not just any processed treats that satisfy the ‘hunger’ or tastebuds for the short time.

This is not the time to think that you need to buy extra processed snacks and treats because the kids are home more. If you are trying to heal your body, make every meal and every snack count.

Don't grocery haul processed snacks and treats on Winning Alopecia

Here are our favourite snacks to have available at home during this time.

1. Raw nuts

Make sure to get raw nuts, those that have only one ingredient on the package. You can roast them for a few minutes in the oven (without oil) for extra crunch if you like.

You’d be surprised how many nuts products on store shelves contain oils and added flavouring, even those labeled ‘roasted unsalted’, for example. Don’t get those kinds. Pay attention to the ingredients labels as they often sneak up on you.

And choose nuts that are lower in omega 6, for example walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts.

Nuts are healthy but you still need to limit your consumption, i.e. don’t eat too many!

2. Seeds

Seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds are great source of minerals and low in calories. Chia seeds, which we regularly add to our smoothies and beverages for their omega 3 fatty acids content, also make enjoyable chia pudding as a healthy snack (as long as you don’t use dairy or added sugar).

Again, get raw seeds that only have one ingredient in the packaging. Roasted (with oil) and flavoured seeds always sneak up in the health food aisles. Make sure you always check the ingredients label.

3. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables always go down a treat for my daughter. I can just leave a bowl of carrots, grapes, celery and lettuce leaves out and she’ll clear the bowl in no time.

But if you have a #pickyeater at hand, get creative, make fun games out of it, and use this time to nurture their taste buds.

You can make healthy dips with avocados or raw nuts, but be sure not to use store bought dips as they are loaded with oils which worsen inflammation (you can’t heal), ingredients with high saturated fats such as eggs (some even use powdered eggs – highly processed!), and a long list of added, often artificial, flavouring, sodium, and preservatives.

Do without the dips if your kiddos don’t mind it. After all, your goal is to nurture their taste buds so that they enjoy the natural taste and texture of these healthy foods and develop a love of them in the long run.

Snacks sold at health food aisles are not necessarily ‘healthy’

Processed snacks sold at health food aisles and health food stores are still processed. They still contain a lot of unwanted ingredients, especially oils, sodium, and added flavouring. The same principles of healthy eating apply with or without an outbreak, with or without an autoimmune condition.

Stay safe, stay well. Keep calm. ❤️


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