Don’t take your vitamins

Don’t take your vitamins

Don’t take your vitamins. Eat whole foods and supplement with only whole food products.

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Scientists have only discovered and understood a measly FEW out of hundreds and thousands of nutrients found in foods. But this doesn’t stop the supplement industry from isolating those singular compounds and packing them into vitamin and mineral products.

Multivitamins, one of the most widely consumed supplements believed by many to be good for their health, are nothing more than a cocktail of those few isolated nutrients. No wholesome food contains only a few key nutrients. The least nutrient-dense piece of plant food is still estimated to contain hundreds of phytonutrients (it could be more, we just don’t know). When your daily diet includes a variety of plant foods, you are already getting way more than what a multivitamin pill can give you.

And unlike multivitamins, getting your nutrients from eating foods and taking supplements made from only whole foods won’t give you any risks of overdose or side effects. (Yes, you could overdose from vitamins due to their artificially high content).


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