No one needs dairy

No one needs dairy

No one needs dairy. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant or allergic to milk.

A lot of people think that they need to avoid dairy only if they are lactose intolerant or if they are allergic to milk. But the truth is, everyone who wants to heal from chronic inflammation needs to avoid dairy. And everyone who is “healthy” needs to avoid dairy.

Dairy causes and exacerbates inflammation in autoimmune on Winning Alopecia

Dairy is NOT a good source of calcium

One of the most common reasons people mistakenly think that they need dairy is because of the calcium in dairy.

Dairy contains calcium, but dairy causes our body to be so acidic that it leaks calcium.

The best sources of calcium are actually plant foods – leafy greens, beans and legumes including good quality wholesome soybeans. Not only do these foods, in their wholesome and unprocessed form, contain calcium, but they also contain a host of other beneficial plant nutrients including protein, fiber, and inflammation-taming phytochemicals and antioxidants.

It not only about the lactose

Casein, 80% of the protein in dairy (including lactose-free dairy), has been shown over and over again to cause inflammation and diseases including turning on cancer genes in our body.

There is no shortage of scientific studies that have proven the link between dairy consumption and a variety of diseases including cancer.

As with all animal products, dairy is high in saturated fats and animal hormones

Dairy products are also high in saturated fats, as all animal products are. Saturated fats trigger and exacerbate underlying inflammation.

Dairy products contain high amounts of hormone estrogens. Mammals bred for dairy production are kept in super unnatural constant cycles of pregnancy and birth, so they contain unnaturally gigantic dose of estrogens.

It’s ironic when people are so afraid of consuming plant foods like soybeans for fear of their estrogen content. The truth is, the estrogens in plant foods are phytoestrogens (phyto meaning plant). Plant hormones do not bind to the hormone receptors in the human body. Instead, plant hormones act as protective blockers to prevent animal hormones from binding to our human hormone receptors.

Don’t replace dairy with dairy-free processed foods

We need to take dairy out of our diet. No milk, cheese, yogurt, whey, cream, etc. But don’t replace them with processed dairy-free products. By this, I mean NO dairy-free butter, dairy-free cheese, and so on.

Stick to whole plant foods instead.

If you need to find substitutes for dairy in your cooking and baking, find the least processed options. Dairy-free cheese, dairy-free butter, dairy-free spreads, sauces and all of those you find in the “health food” aisles are still highly processed products filled with oils and a ton of additives to make them taste, look, and feel like their dairy counterparts. These are NOT health foods and will not help you in your healing journey.

My daughter takes SOYGREEN and SOYPRO to boost her intake of leafy greens and soybeans every single day. SOYGREEN and SOYPRO contain whole plant foods freeze dried in their wholesome form for our convenience.


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