The cheapest yet crucial component of healing Alopecia

The cheapest yet crucial component of healing Alopecia

The cheapest yet very effective component of your healing is… WATER! 💦

In addition to all the healthy eating, sleep and exercise, you will not heal if you don’t give your body enough water.

What kind of water?

The good old plain water. I prefer to boil our water. You can filter and boil, it’s up to you. But we don’t need any of those fancy trendy expensive water hypes (alkaline, oxygenated, nano — they are just hyped marketing). Not juice, not flavoured water, not vitamin water (stay away from those please), nothing with ‘stuff’ added to it, preferably not even bottled water but good old plain tap water. You can infuse with herbs, veg or fruit if that helps you drink more.

Almost every chemical reaction that happens in your body needs water in order to happen. For your body to heal itself, it needs water to be able to have the chemical reactions take place in order for healing to happen.

When you’re eating a high amount of fiber, which is also very important, you need more water. Fiber pulls water from your body into the gut so that together, they can effectively cleanse your gut of waste and move it along smoothly through the bowels. Without enough water, things can’t move effectively and this is why dehydration is a common culprit of constipation.

Hydration is also important for alopecia specifically because the skin is the furthest organ away. If you don’t give your body enough water, your body will prioritize the scarce water that it does have for more crucial functions first. Your hair and skin may not get its share.

I made a video about the importance of hydration for our immune system. This video is part of a series, and if you’re interested in healing and wellness, be sure to check it out.


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