The one vitamin I need to supplement

The one vitamin I need to supplement

Vitamin D is the one thing I really don’t like to supplement, but have to. The reason I don’t like to supplement is because I have not found a truly good vitamin D supplement product yet. But I have to, because where we live, the angle of the sun vs earth is such that vitamin D is not available to us year long.

Even if you live in a place where sunlight is abundant, you still may not get enough vitamin D if you don’t spend enough time out in the sun.

I have observed over the years how important it is to get as much sunlight as we can, when we can. With all else that I am doing, adding the sunlight component really takes things to another level.

It’s probably no coincidence that the most hair regrowth happens toward mid-end of summer, and throughout fall (if you get enough stores of sunlight during the heights of summer). It’s probably also no coincidence that the most vulnerable time for hair loss to come back is toward the end of winter, presumably as our body runs out of vitamin D stores.

I supplement with vegan lichen-based vitamin D, because most vitamin D supplements on the market are made of sheep’s grease (yuck!). Be careful though, even plant based vitamin D products are still mostly dissolved in sunflower oil, which is high in omega 6 and is very inflammatory. But I must say, supplementation simply doesn’t give the same effect as the vitamin D our skin makes from sun exposure.


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